Camping Duinzicht

Rozenlaan 23
8450 Bredene

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  • We have been awarded our Q-label (quality label)

To obtain this unique Q-label, we were required to meet a number of criteria:

  • We had to go through a quality assurance process, consisting of training, supervision and visits from Best Practices.
  • We had to present a quality dossier demonstrating how we use our new knowledge in our business.
  • We had to have a positive report from a mystery visitor. The mystery visitor checks things such as the friendliness, hospitality and cleanliness of the businesses applying for the Q-label.
  • The Q-label jury decides on the basis of this quality assurance dossier, as well as the report form the mystery visitor and a conversation with the business-owner whether or not to award the Q-label.




  • Rating upgraded from 2-star to 3-star camping site!